Welcome To Kubi Mobi - Educational Apps For Children & Families

  • Kubi Mobi offers kids & parents educational games with lots of fun and real life interactions on tablets.
  • We offer parents a monitoring and a game-finder application in which they can monitor their child’s progress in time with our unique SAM-Skills Advancement Monitor.
  • Kubi.Mobi uses proven learning technologies to develop core skills of your children between ages 3-12, to make them ready for their long school journey and a brighter future.
We care about them as much as you do!

Core Skills

Kubi.Mobi will be developing educational games to teach over 20 basic skills for kids including: Language Development (Vocabulary, pronounciation) Alphabet Knowledge (Letter & number recognition) Numeric Functions (Number recognition, counting, Addition, Subtraction, Sets) Problem solving & Creativity Reasoning (Matching,sorting) Hand-Eye Coordination Basic Motor Skills Basic Spatial Skills Memory Development Self-Awareness Cognitive Skills

Play Together As a Family

 Kubi.Mobi Games Bring Parents and Kids Together We believe that kids’ learning should be a fun and an adventurous journey shared with parents. We design our games to let you and your kids share game time together. Playing our games together encourages easy conversation. This way you can let your child to share his/her problems easier. But you can always leave them to play

SAM – Kid’s Report Cards

SAM-Skills Advancement Monitor, Kubi Mobi’s iPad gaming and reporting platform, will be offering «progress reports» of your child, based on the skills set each game has to offer. We design each game with multiple skills set that your child can develop by playing different levels of each game. These are recorded and reported back to you via SAM. You will also find latest news